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Skills for the future: Building bridges to new opportunities

Partnerships for the twin transition

Organised by Flemish Department of Work and Social Economy

Venue Description

Many sectors in Flanders have conducted sectoral skills forecasts through ESF-Flanders’ ‘SCOPE’ call. In the next phase, many of these sectors have developed ‘training of the future’, based on these skills forecasts. To develop these new training programs, several stakeholders collaborate inpartnerships, with each stakeholder contributing their knowledge and expertise. Some of these partnerships will be showcased at the Green Energy Park, located in the Research Park in Zellik (near Brussels).

Green Energy Park is one of the organisations in the ‘Energy partnership. The park has a smart village lab where severaluniversities, industries, companies and schools collaborate to test new technologies, offer training and raise awareness regarding green energy. During your visit, you will discover how the Green Energy Park was established and how training programmes are created within the partnership.

In addition, you will get the chance to visit the Green Data Center, which is currently under construction at the Green Energy Park. The Green Data Center is a collaboration between universities and private investors. Together, they are working to create a circular and sustainable data center that will utilise innovative technologies, such as hydrogen or heating systems to effectively heat nearby buildings. This visit offers the unique opportunity to step inside the data center just before its completion, allowing you to gain insights into its purpose and stateoftheart technologies it contains.

Furthermore, the ‘Drones partnership will showcase their future vision on drone technology. Noordzee Drones, a European leader in drone training, and Buildwise, the innovation branch of the construction sector, will demonstrate the diverse applications of drone technology for various challenges. Noordzee Drones will delve into the versatile use of drones in agriculture, offshore wind parks, and more, along with a captivating drone show. Buildwise will perfectly complement the discussion on drone technology by focusing on specific examples within the construction sector. Consider for example the inspection of hard-to-reach elements, volume calculations, 3D modelling of existing buildings, thermal inspection, etc. They will also elaborate on their approach to developing new training programmes and the collaboration within their partnership. Participants interested in a hands-on experience can take the opportunity to try flying a drone themselves.

Main objective

To anticipate labour market dynamics and align educational and trainingofferings accordingly, countries need to focus on skills. In order torespond effectively to changes, it is crucial to identify whichcompetencies and changes in competencies are needed and to implement the necessary actions in partnership with all relevant stakeholders

This visit is linked to the session Establishing a vision of future skills needs on the second day of the Skills Summit. During this visit we will provide insights into Flanders’ policy on skills forecasting, demonstrate how to put this policy into action and showcase the development of new training programmes

Since the twin transition is an important topic for the summit, we will concentrate on green and drone technology. Through these demonstrations you willlearn about the entire life cycle, starting from addressing skills shortages to developing new training programmes tailored to these new skills.